Cute Baby Milestone Cards

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Nothing is as exciting as seeing your baby sit for the first time, laugh for the first time, sleep through the night, crawl, call you mama or Dada for the first time. These moments ought to be captured. This is what this cards do. There are forty cards that cover the major milestones your precious one will go through in his/her first year.

These cards make it so easy to remember to document baby’s milestones. There is a line at the bottom you can fill in the date or details of when baby reached the milestone. Once you cross a milestone, you will always look forward to the next milestone card. 
  • All box contains forty cards. Each cards cover the major milestones your precious one will go through in his/her first year. 
  •  The cards are sturdy and the designs are adorable and gender-neutral.
  •  It comes with the first weeks, months, first time they crawled, first time to say mama and dada, first time they had solid, first time to sleep through the night and much more!! 
  •  The box is customizable and has space to write the child’s name and other information. It also comes with blank cards so you can write in your own milestones.
Years later when your little one is all grown up, you can gather around and look through them together. You may not recognize the full value of these today, but 30 years from now, when your child brings home a significant other or when their own child comes to visit, it would be fun to travel down memory lane together 
A portion of each sales is donated to Save The Children organization to help promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.